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Alpine Valley School
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Founded in 1997, Alpine Valley School is an independent school following the Sudbury Model. They offer a low student-to-staff ratio and flexible attendance. Students come from all over the Denver Metro area and range in age from 5 to 18.
Christian Cottage
Denver, Colorado
This private school offers services to homeschoolers including assessment, custom curriculum development, mentorship and support, and involvement and protection. They specialize in special needs curriculum.
Colorado Heritage Education School System
Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) is designed to meet the needs of families who have chosen to educate at home throughout Colorado and across the United States. Since 1991 CHESS has sought to come along side, to assist, equip, and encourage parents and their children as they seek to follow God’s call in education. CHESS is a private school. By enrolling with CHESS you are provided the ability to work with a private school while fulfilling required Colorado school attendance laws. This also provides the additional benefit of working with a professional staff who knows and supports the family-focused home education model. Their staff includes individuals who have extensive practical experience in home education. This includes graduates of home education who are now teaching their children at home.
eXL Learning Homeschool Hangout
Lowry Town Center, Denver, Colorado
This resource center offers homeschool assessments, speakers and events related to homeschooling topics, classes and tutoring, portfolio development and college preparation, and additional diagnostic assessments.
Spiral Academy
Spiral Academy is dedicated to serving the needs of home school families, primarily in Colorado, who desire the benefits of private school enrollment with minimal oversight over their educational activities. Their sole intent is to lend support for academic excellence that is always conducted in the spirit of religious and cultural tolerance. Religious and political beliefs are not part of Spiral Academy's identity or purpose. Students have an eclectic mix of beliefs, political affiliation, and cultural diversity.
West River Academy
West River Academy is a fully accredited independent private school in Colorado designed for families who desire the benefits of private school enrollment but minimal oversight over their educational activities. Families may follow the curriculum and/or learning style of their choice, or may receive assistance from us in designing or choosing a program that fits their needs. Grading of students is optional and if desired, it is done by the parents. West River Academy enrolls students of all ages, including adults who would like to earn their high school diplomas. They are fully accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (NALSAS). Note that West River Academy caters to unschoolers.

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